publication, prints & commissions:

Requests for secondary publication of archived drawings or for the commissioning of original artwork should be directed to Ward O’Neill via the [contact page].

Prints of drawings on this site are available on request. To order a print or check if an image is available, [contact Ward] and include the image title in the body of your message.

Each commission and sale is subject to negotiation. Copyright is either owned by Ward O’Neill or by Fairfax Media. Ward O’Neill retains some rights to work covered by Fairfax Media copyright, chiefly book publishing rights.


COPYright Notice

Copyright for artwork appearing on this website is held by the artist, Ward O’Neill and in some instances by Fairfax Media. Fairfax Media retains digital and secondary publishing rights, with the exception of books, to artwork produced by Ward O’Neill as an employee of Fairfax Media.

Those wishing to purchase original drawings are able to negotiate directly with the artist through this website, as he owns the physical artwork. Requests for digital and secondary publishing rights of material that has already appeared in Fairfax newspapers will be referred to Fairfax Media. Artwork falling into this category will be marked as such. Ward O’Neill has copyright to all other artwork created by him.

Please [contact] the artist if any of these issues require further clarification.